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Council Members – Job Description

Essential Duties of Council Members

  1. Participate fully and actively in SRC meetings and efforts.
  2. Work actively and reliably on at least one SRC committee or work team.
  3. Engage fully in the development of the state plan and other SRC tasks.
  4. Contribute to promoting public hearings, forums, conferences, and other SRC-related events.
  5. Contribute to the continuous search for and development of new SRC members.


  • A belief in the inherent abilities of people who have vision loss.
  • A belief that with appropriate, quality training and sufficient, equal opportunities people with vision loss can perform jobs as well as anyone else and live as self-sufficiently as others.
  • A strong sense of commitment and responsibility to contribute.
  • A strong sense of honesty, integrity, and respect for the values of others.
  • A strong personal code of ethics and self-discipline that includes maintaining confidentiality, avoiding conflict of interest, and refraining from using the SRC for self promotion and personal gain.